Patent Application

Li Chen International Patent & Trademark Office was founded in 1986 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Invention Patent

Definition: Creative work using technical ideas based on natural laws. Physical examination is adopted. The duration of patent rights is 20 years. Useful arts are required for methods, processes, devices, and structures involving the field of technology, such as ingredient extraction technology and special design machine.

Utility Model Patent

Definition: Creation or improvement of the shape, construction, or device of an object. A formal examination is adopted. The duration of patent rights is 10 years. Limited to tangible objects, mainly for structural improvements, such as improved TV hanger structure and improved doll mechanism structure.

Design Patent

Definition: Creation related to the shape, patterns, colors, or combinations of an object according to visual requirements. Physical examination is adopted. The duration of patent rights is 15 years. A specific design concept is required, mainly changes in appearances, such as product packaging/bottle body, or a special model of a car/room.

Our Patent Application Services

The patent application procedure is as follows:

01. Feasibility Assessment

Our business specialist will first explain the preliminary patent procedure to you so that you can learn about the procedure, costs, and documentations required. Our business specialist will analyze which type of patent is suitable for your patent conception, how to express the design drawing, and the description of the patent application. After you provide more detailed patent content, the patent officer will confirm the feasibility of the patent content, and request you to pay the patent content inquiry fee.

02. Inquiry about Patent

After the patent inquiry fee is collected, the patent department will start a patent search. The operation procedure takes about 3 to 5 days. After the search, a designated person will report the results to you.

03. Patent Specification and Drawing Production

After confirming that the patent application can be handled based on the search result, we will confirm the expression of the design drawing with you and request you to provide a simple design draft. Our patent officer will assist you in adjusting the application format. After the patent content is confirmed, the patent officer will begin to make the patent specification. The operation procedure takes about 10 days.

04. Signature of Power of Attorney and Delivery of Application

After you confirm the contents of the specification, we will sign a power of attorney with you and request payment from you. We will deliver your application after the above steps.

For the delivery, please provide the following data:

  Applicant’s name, ID card number, address

  Inventor’s name, ID card number, address

   Mailing address (for sending copies of the application, certificates, and other notices)

05. Notification of Approval and Annual Fee

Upon receipt of the notification letter from the competent authority, we will inform you of the results of the examination as soon as possible. After paying the fee, you can get the certificate. Usually, you will need to pay the patent annuity for 1 to 3 years. The formalities for verifying and issuing the patent certificate take about one month. If the patentee is a natural person, a school, or a small or medium-sized enterprise that is eligible for a reduced annual fee, the Office will also confirm whether you are eligible for a reduced annual fee when you apply for a patent, and will also control the time when you need to pay for all cases, in order to avoid missing the payment period and resulting in patent extinction.